Celebrations: June 27

June 17, 2013


· The following graduates earned bachelor's degrees, or other degrees as noted, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May: from Bayside, Anahit Campbell, letters, Danielle Deschene, science, Daniela Iannello, arts, WooJin Jang, master's degree in human resources and labor relations, Kristen Kotecki, doctorate in physical therapy, Lauren Maniscalco, education, Christopher Trefethen Moore, arts, Joseph Murphy, letters, Shivangini Parmar, master's in business, Jonathan Yoel Shertok, business, Rebecca Starrett, health sciences, and Christopher Toepfer, information studies, from Brown Deer, Vernon Drew, master's in liberal studies, Alexey Floyd, letters, Philip Gordon, information studies, Joshua Haake, master's in music, Sarah Riyad Jettawi, letters, Katherine Lillie, health sciences, Keiwon Love, master's in business, Brandon Martese Page, letters, Latanza Parnell, business administration, Creighton Schwark, letters, Jason Wrigley, business administration, and Stephanie Yahr, architecture and urban planning, from Fox Point, Diana Azimov, social welfare, Kent Benson, letters, Ma Amabel Andal Brito, master's in social work, Christopher Carini, engineering, Rosa Flanagan, letters, Todd Nimmer, business administration, Dustin Rifkin, master's in social work, Melissa Schwartz, letters, Peter Sentz, science, and Shannon Trimble, master's in nursing, from Glendale, Paige Conley, doctorate, philosophy, Morgan Ouimette Evans, letters, Sarah Garvey, doctorate, philosophy, Sonia Guadalupe Ayala Gonzalez, letters, Dana Hohlweck, health sciences, Timothy Jarome, doctorate, philosophy, Carrie Ridley Johnson, letters, Julie Kinney, master's in library and information science, Michelle Lindeman, master's in human resources and labor relations, Monica Parkes, letters, Tyler Rembert, business administration, Katharine Resnick, education, Alana Richard, letters, Daniel Russell, science, Katherine Schleier, letters, Yuliya Sorin, science, and Emily Voss, letters, from Mequon, Austin Amato, science, Dominic Amato, arts, Yuliana Asriyans, master's in business, Julia Bayer, education, Alison Bayne, letters, Jennifer Bottesi, letters, Christian Boyer, global studies, Matthew Briski, science, Anne Brookman, arts, Mark Cohen, social welfare, Samantha Forrer, letters, Morgan Geronime, letters, Julie Grau, master's in business administration, Danielle Harris, business administration, Adam Herbst, business administration, Andrew Hinkens, arts, Zachary Hosale, letters, Elaina Jacobs, letters, Michael Keenan, master's in engineering, Erin Klug, doctorate in physical therapy, Michael Kritner, business administration, Kristina Lak, education, Andreas Lerner, information studies, Abigail Lindsay, letters, Sean Mackman, science, Kevin Martin, arts, David Meinecke, science, Matthew Michalski, business administration, Matthew Nichols, letters, Frederick Nickhorn, business administration, Jenna Oelhafen, arts, Kelly Olson, business administration, Alexander Pachmayer, business administration, Mark Puchinsky, arts, Emily Smith, letters, Kimberly Starr, science, Justin Sterna, business administration, William Trost, master's in engineering, Marina Tylets, letters, Dane Wakeman, health sciences, and Susan Wolkomir, letters, from River Hills, Jennifer Kaye, letters, Alicja Witkowska, letters, and Stephanie Young, letters, from Shorewood, Dane Allen, master's in business, Benjamin Ma Baker, master's, letters, Aneesha Baldeosingh, master's in fine arts, Jessica Barone, science, Elliott Baruth, arts, Keizo Beeck, health sciences, Mollie Boutell, master's, letters, Elizabeth Long Boyd, global studies, Jesse Brown, letters, Rebeca Butson, health sciences, Joseph Cera, doctorate, philosophy, Lindsay Corcoran, education, Rachael Daniel, master's in business, Carmen Daniels, health sciences, Molly DeWolff, master's in library and information science, Nina Deering, master's in business administration, Michael Drews, master's in business, Ryan Elbert, business administration, Ryan Ewig, information studies, Magdalena Flores, letters, Zachary Freding, architecture and urban planning, Holland Galante, science, Jesus Garcia, business administration, Zachary Green, arts, Kathryn Hagen, letters, Joshua Halverson, arts, Sara Helminger, social welfare, Miroslava Herriges, business administration, Alex Herrmann, letters, James High, letters, Laura Hilt, master's in music, Benjamin Mollick Hirschman, business administration, Nicholas Irving, letters, Kristy Jagiello, letters, Lauren Johnson, health sciences, Sarah Francas Johnson, letters, Elisa Karbin, master's, letters, Elizabeth Klainot, master's, letters, Thomas Kleist, letters, Dilini Sanjeevi Kumarasinghe, master's, science, Sarah Pike La Follette, master's in social work, Christopher La Rue, letters, Cuc Thi Kim Le, master's in business, Yeol-Hee Lee, business administration, Natalie Manion, arts, Eric Mattson, doctorate, philosophy, Jessica McGillivray, letters, Patrick McGuire, letters, Sarah McMahon, arts, Ridha Moussa, doctorate, philosophy, Nicholas Nassif, science, Chris Nelson, science, Allan Persinger, doctorate, philosophy, Cali Peterleus, letters, Tanya Petrovic, master's, letters, Alexandra Heeg Polzin, letters, Chelsey Porth, letters, Anjali Rameshbabu, doctorate, philosophy, Jhobe Ratajczyk, letters, Courtney Recob, letters, Beverly Rosa, nursing, Geoffrey Severin, science, Mariam Nafez Shehadeh, engineering, Heather Shulze, master's in social work, Taruna Kaur Sindhu, master's in health sciences, Jacob Staffin, master's in architecture, James Starkweather, master's in business administration, Emily Stephenson, letters, Michelle Talhami, master's in education, Tarek Ahmed Teber, letters, Ernest Thalhamer, master's, science, Robert Thomma, architecture and urban planning, Alex Trepanier, social welfare, Amanda VanHeel, doctorate in physical therapy, Kristi Weisenburger, master's, letters, Lauren Williams, doctorate, philosophy, Taylor Young, architecture and urban planning, and Thomas Zych, master's, science, from Thiensville, Nichole Graves, letters, Rebecca Johnson, arts, Michael Stapelkamp McQuide, business administration, Kathleen Roth, education, Katie Soung, master's in nursing, and Brooke Steinbrenner, master's in human resources and labor relations, and from Whitefish Bay, Lauren Benson, master's in health sciences, Sarah Bougie, letters, Jack Catalano, education, James Coyle, master's in business administration, Landon Dittel, science, Rachel Eberle, master's in nursing, Sara French, master's in nursing, Kristin Goman, social welfare, Matthew Groble, business administration, Danqing Hu, doctorate in engineering, Zachary Jacobsmeier, master's in education, Lucy Kelly, master's in library and information science, Sara Lindquist, education, Stephanie Linneman, social welfare, Gage Livingston, master's in business administration, Harry Moulopoulos Jr., business administration, Kikuko Omori, doctorate, philosophy, Katherine Riordan, master's in urban planning, Sarah Thien, business administration, David Tighe, business administration, and Alexander Yundt, letters.

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