Celebrations: June 14

June 13, 2012


The following graduates earned bachelor's degrees, or other degrees as noted, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May: from Bayside, Aleksandr Dobkin, master's degree in engineering, Mischa Nygaard, liberal arts, Mischa Nygaard, science, Stephanie Reilly, liberal arts, Scott Spoerl, master's in business administration, Ellis Stephens, master's in social work, Parveen Talebi, education, Shai Yitzhak Blasberg, liberal arts, and Ashley Zampogna Krug, doctorate; from Brown Deer, Christopher Andretti, liberal arts, Elizabeth Barber, master's in business administration, Karl Cleppe, education, Allison Dunne, liberal arts, Michael Eiffler, liberal arts, Rachel Gomez, liberal arts, Nicholas Gordon, fine arts, Nicole Haight, business administration, Lee Jones, master's in public administration, Thomas Nelson, master's in business, Gary Palmer, master's in business administration, Jewel Payne, business administration, Mary Potter, master's in education, Alexandra Raspante, health sciences, Holly Reeves, nursing, Michael Reichmann, social work, Vanessa Schaller, health sciences, Lakeithia Smart, social work, Philip Spears, social work, Lauren Szymakowski, liberal arts, and Kaylin Thompson, liberal arts; from Fox Point, Naser Alduwaisan, business administration, Khaled Alkhaldi, business administration, Ellen Caswell, doctorate, Patrice Day, doctorate, Charles Jacobus III, liberal arts, Jerome Knapp, master's, Donald McLeod, liberal arts, Andrew Pape, information science and technology, Arkadiy Popov, social work, Alexandre Reikher, doctorate in engineering, and Matthew Yee, business administration; from Glendale, Zahra Al-Rumaih, master's in health sciences, Joel Augustine, fine arts, J. Briscoe, arts, Brittany Christopherson, health sciences, Mikhail Dobrinin, engineering, Catherine Grieger, master's in education, Adam Groose, health sciences, Luke Hergert, master's in business administration, Angela Hodermann, social work, Pamela Johnson, master's in library and information science, Betty Kaiman, master's in health sciences, Peter Klein, business administration, Michelle Kornitz, education, Mark Koskie, architecture/urban planning, Craig Medvecky, doctorate, Mary Naczek, master's in library and information science, Katherine Polace, master's in education, Nina Sedlmeier, health sciences, Buasawan Simmala, doctorate in education, Chanthaphone Simmala, business administration, Joseph Skow, fine arts, William Smith III, master's in education, Genevieve Stark, liberal arts, Joseph Stratton, master's in business, Alina Tarnovsky, business administration, Joseph Wantoch, master's in public administration, Joseph Wantoch, master's in urban planning, Nicole Weber, doctorate in education, and Vasil Zhmendak, engineering; from Mequon, Kathlyn Albert, doctorate in nursing practice, Danielle Allen, fine arts, Yuliana Asriyans, business administration, Paul Brokenshire, business administration, Melissa Brown, master's in nursing, Nicole Burns, liberal arts, Leonid Cherbukhovsky, doctorate in physical therapy, Nicholas Danz, liberal arts, Christopher Dean, liberal arts, Allison Dorszynski, doctorate in physical therapy, Matthew Dwyer, fine arts, Roselyn Enwemeka, master's in education, Thomas Ewig, education, Douglas Frede, master's in business administration, Nathan Fredrick, master's in business administration, Jerod Hanaman, master's in business administration, Russell Haxton, business administration, Jessica Heimerl, fine arts, Nathan Herbst, business administration, Kristin Jansen, liberal arts, Zachary Karthauser, engineering, Benjamin Keren, liberal arts, Matthew Kluczinske, engineering, Shaun Kologinczak, master's in business administration, Anna Kovalenko, master's in business, Ann Lak, health sciences, Kevin Martin, fine arts, Alexandra McClellan, social work, Abigail Navarro, liberal arts, John Neel, business administration, Alina Nikogosyan, business administration, Shivangini Parmar, business administration, Brian Parsa, master's in business, Russell Pritchard, fine arts, Eric Ragozin, information science and technology, Miriam Rupprecht, master's in health sciences, Richard Schears, engineering, Richard Schears, engineering, Jason Simpson, liberal arts, Ilya Slootsky, fine arts, Emily Smith, liberal arts, Jeffrey Szatkowski, business administration, Jamie Widder, master's in education, and Colin Wiklin, business administration; from River Hills, Ali Edalatpour, business administration, and Christopher Weedall, master's; from Shorewood, Addie Abushousheh, doctorate, architecture/urban planning, Khaldoun Abushousheh, business administration, Sneha Bandekar, master's in business, Emily Belleau, master's, Nina Bendre, master's in nursing, Jeremy Booth, global studies, Jon Brazzale, master's in business, Jamie Chappelle, social work, Michael Connor, liberal arts, Austin Cope, liberal arts, Taylor Dalstrom, master's in liberal studies, Rachael Daniel, master's in business, Heather DeLong, master's in music, Lauren Decker, fine arts, Vincent DiFrances, engineering, Amber Douglas, health sciences, Melinda Dreger, master's in business, Susan Dykes, master's in library and information science, Angela Fingard, arts, Monica Frost, master's in architecture, Chelsea Gilbertson, social work, Sarah Goldman, master's in social work, Michael Hansen, master's, Travis Hetzel, business administration, Matthew Holtz, liberal arts, Christopher Honecker, master's in social work, Benjamin Hopp, master's, Elissa Hulit, master's, Kimberly Jackson, master's, Deborah Kavalar, master's in social work, Adam Kelly, health sciences, Cuc Kim Le, business administration, Heidi Kovacs, liberal arts, Eugene Krakow, engineering, Anne Kruthoff, education, Su-Yu Lin, doctorate in information studies, Katie Loritz, master's in social work, Stephen McGuire, science, Lesya Melnyk, master's in business, Louis Mercer, master's, Ben Nestor, liberal arts, Elizabeth Neuman, master's in library and information science, Ingrid Nordstrom, master's, Eric O'Leary, business administration, Lara Paches, education, Caitlin Peplinski, master's, Jamie Pfeiffer, global studies, Christina Pompe, master's in social work, John Reinhart, master's in business administration, Catherine Rigden, education, Erika Riobo Gomez, master's in education, Philip Rippke, master's, Paul Rohloff, liberal arts, Susannah Rotter, master's in social work, Michael Sambar, fine arts, Monica Schenstrom, liberal arts, Nicole Schulteis, liberal arts, Lauren Schultz, master's in health sciences, Brian Slawson, fine arts, Kyle Smith, liberal arts, Carin Snyder, social work, Heather Spangenberg, fine arts, Antoinette Spencer, business administration, Matthew Sproehlich, liberal arts, Amanda Starkweather, social work, Cameron Stearns, master's degree in public administration, Adam Stevenson, business administration, Ernest Thalhamer, master's, Jennifer Van Brunt, master's in music, and Jonathan Wang, architecture/urban planning; from Thiensville, Kevin Ausman, liberal arts, Yakov Borodin, business administration, Yegor Mudrets, business administration, Benjamin Mueller, liberal arts, Lauren Peche, master's in social work, Pamela Powell, master's in nursing, and Johanan Raatz, liberal arts; and from Whitefish Bay, John Allaway, business administration, Susan Bischoff, liberal arts, Jack DeBoer, global studies, Elizabeth Dick, fine arts, Ali Esmaili, doctorate in engineering, Claire Gerlach, education, Heather Goetsch, master's in urban planning, Elizabeth Habush, business administration, Carl Janssen, master's in engineering, William Kort, master's in public administration, William Kort, master's in urban planning, Peter Nestingen, liberal arts, Joseph Pfannes, master's in engineering, TaKeesha Scheel, liberal arts, Dana Schmieder, doctorate in physical therapy, Ritvik Singh, business administration, Michelle Spies, nursing, Jeff Tait, liberal arts, Pamela Villanueva, business administration, and Natalie Zanoni, master's in education.

Katherine Windsor Joachim of Whitefish Bay earned her bachelor's degree in history with highest honors from Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., in May. She studied at Oxford University in the United Kingdom during the 2010-11 academic year, was a writing associate and first-year mentor during her academic career, and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

Hannah Werner of Shorewood earned her bachelor's degree magna cum laude in history and English from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in May. She was also inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies and met the requirements of the College Scholars program.

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