Brown Deer seeks answers in an effort to improve

Nov. 28, 2012

Brown Deer - About 100 students leave Brown Deer every year to attend public school outside of the district and the School Board wants to know why.

In an effort to get a better understanding of why parents choose to Open Enroll their students in surrounding public school districts, School Board members will reach out to these families via phone in the coming weeks.

"We can guess all we want, but until we get hard data we won't know what to focus on," board member Kevin Klimek said.

These families will receive a letter in the mail before calls are made, letting residents know what to expect. The letter will be signed by all the board members to show this is a unified effort by the board to better understand families' reasoning, as well as discover ways the district might improve, Board President Gary Williams said.

Klimek said most board members have agreed to make the calls.

"It's not an attempt on our part to change their mind or bring students back next year, but we do want to have an honest discussion with those families to see what the reasons are and what we can do to change," he said.

Board members will report their findings back to the full board when the calls are complete.

Williams said they have been concerned for some time about the number of students leaving the district every year to seek education elsewhere. This is one way they decided to research why that is occurring.

"These are Open Enrollment students going to other public schools even though they live in Brown Deer," Klimek said. "We wanted to try to make contact from a board level because we are dealing with constituents and we can find out the reason behind their decisions."

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