Trees Serve Many Functions-Plant a Tree with a Purpose

Trees contribute so much to improve the quality of our lives. The oxygen the trees produce is essential to life. Wood has been an important building material through the ages. Fruit and nut trees feed wildlife and us. These are just a few of the important roles trees play in our lives.

More than just aesthetic beauty, landscape trees can serve many functional roles improving the quality of our lives.

·         Trees provide cooling shade for our homes, patios, and parking lots. The amount of energy saved in air conditioning costs with properly placed shade trees is significant. Trees planted on the south or west side of homes or anywhere shade is desired will help make your living space more pleasant on hot summer days and reduce energy costs.

·         Individual trees or groups of trees whether evergreen or deciduous properly spaced can screen unsightly views and create privacy. Shrubs may be added to groups of trees to further enhance the screen. Avoid over planting. Proper spacing with the ultimate size of the trees in mind is important to the long-term health and integrity of the planting.

·         Trees and shrubs can articulate space on your property creating rooms in your landscape. Trees will frame a view, define a property line or control movement through your landscape. Trees can be planted as a backdrop to a perennial garden or garden shed. The size and form of individual trees vary, selecting the right tree for the functional use is important.

·         Windbreaks can be created with trees and shrubs to reduce wind velocity around homes and outdoor living spaces. Windbreaks can act as living snow fences, however proper placement is critical to creating a functioning snow fence.

·         Aesthetically trees can become a piece of living sculpture enhancing our enjoyment of our home environment. Trees can be planted for simply ornamental reasons. However, it is best that they serve multiple roles, making the modern landscape both attractive and functional.

There are many reasons to plant trees. However, it is important to plant the right tree in the right place for the right reasons. Consulting with your Wachtel Certified Arborist will provide you with years of accumulated experience to help you in making the right choice. We will examine existing site conditions and work with you to determine which trees are the best trees for your landscape. We can procure   quality locally grown trees and plant them properly at your home or business.

The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago; the second best time is today! Actually, this fall would be an excellent time to plant trees. With Wachtel’s guidance, we can help you develop a beautiful and functional landscape.

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