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As the long, hot summer nights roll on, a problem has again emerged. The Mequon Police Department has, as with previous summers, been experiencing an increase in vandalism incidents. Most often, these incidents involve damage to mailboxes or parked vehicles.

To deter, detect, and catch the people responsible for these incidents, patrol officers are paying extra attention to local subdivisions. However, we are also asking for the community’s continued help. Because the community consists of far more people than the local police department, you play a crucial role in relaying information to law enforcement. If you see any suspicious vehicles or people in your neighborhood, please call your local police department immediately. Furthermore, any additional information that you can provide (such as; license plate number, vehicle color, vehicle make/model/design, direction of travel, or a physical description of the people) greatly increases our ability to locate and identify those responsible.

As always, we strive for a strong partnership between the community and law enforcement, in order to keep our neighborhoods a safe and enjoyable place to live. Thank you for continuing to be a part of the success.

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