Holiday Crime Prevention

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While the arrival of the holidays brings many happy things, unfortunately it can also bring opportunistic thieves. There are several things to remember during the holiday season that can help reduce crime potential.

When shopping, do not leave valuable items in plain sight inside your vehicle. Instead, place recently purchased gifts and other valuables in your trunk or under a vehicle seat. Another easy measure to prevent theft is to lock your vehicle. If you find yourself at the mall, parking in a well lit or heavily traveled area will also discourage would-be thieves.

While you are away from home, keeping your blinds or curtains closed will prevent others from seeing valuable items inside your house. Additionally, leaving lights on in and around your home increases visibility and can deter crime.

After the holidays have passed, be cautious of the manner in which you dispose of your packages. Leaving packaging from valuable items at the curb for garbage pickup is a red flag. Place packaging in closed containers, disguise it by crushing it, or wait until the morning of garbage pickup to place it on the curb.

Taking simple preventative measures can go a long way to ensure that we all have a safe and crime-free holiday. As always, if you see any suspicious people, vehicles, or activity in your neighborhood, please call your local police department immediately.

From everyone at the Mequon Police Department, have a safe and happy holiday!

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