International Students Including Chinese Students Arrive at Concordia

We are now more than two months into the semester and things seem to be going well for the Chinese students from Xinjiang University who are studying at Concordia University. I've become friends with many of the students becuase they remember me from my summer trip to China. It's a great feeling to see the the faces of people I met months ago, thousands of miles away; it reinforces the notion of just how small our plant has become. 

With nearly 300 international students on campus, the International Club has just started up and is now recognized by the university as a legitimate club on campus. There are many exciting things being planned in the coming weeks and months. With Halloween approaching, the club is planning on visiting a haunted house.

There are still some communication difficulties in Urumqi, China  because of the summer violence in which hundreds of people were killed. Almost all forms of international communication are non-existent. Messages have to be routed through other cities in China, like Beijing. The students remain positive and upbeat despite not being able to communicate very well with friends and family overseas. 

Christine Kao, director of the asia pacific region for Concordia University, is getting ready to a take trip in late October to some of the asian universities where Concordia has established schools and programs. She will be visiting China, Malaysia, and other locations. I will release more information on her trip once she returns and hopefully share some of her photos and experiences.

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