"Family Day" is Tops for Kids at Bradford Beach

Who may I ask loves the beach more than a child?  You've got more sand than any sandbox, plus plenty of water and most wonderfully the sand and water can be mixed in an infinite number of ways to make sandy wet mud.  If water isn't your thing, then play in the sand, if sand loses your interest then jump in the water or get your toes wet or both.  As a dad the best fun for my kids has been the beach because everybody wins and my cell phone can no longer come along since the last time it did and got wet, it started ringing and never stopped again.  

With these thoughts in mind, the Friends of Bradford Beach are inviting families to another "Family Day" this coming Sunday, August 9th.  Volleyball for kids with kid-size nets and balls will be available all day, also on the list of activities - a sand building contest for kids with prizes, Laacke and Joys will offer "Froling" combining golf and frisbees, an action/reaction workshop teaching jumping, landing, leaping and soaring by the Milwaukee Ballet community outreach team, meet Friends of Bradford Beach and learn about the safe swimming from the Great Lakes Water Institute - oh and if this all is not enough, the Urban Ecology Center will be on hand to teach children and adults about their natural surroundings.  My humble suggestion on this one is take the kids, invite the wife and be that Superman dad you were destined to be.

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