Perspective. Get low

Just about any sports photo will look better the lower you, as the photographer, are to the ground. It's all about perspective. Any vertical movement by an athlete will be accentuated the lower your camera is to the ground. A good sprinter's feet will both be off the ground at the same time during his stride, but from eye height that's just not visible. The sprinter's feet are only a couple of inches off the running deck and from eye level that's just not readily visible, but with the camera on the ground/floor that little two inches of flight looks much more pronounced. Add in a determined and straining game face and it's makes for a dramatic photograph.

The same low perspective works equally well for any sport where both of the competitors feet leave the ground. Yes, long jumpers catch a lot of air, but from floor level it's even more dramatic.

I don't make these photographs with a remote camera like I use for basketball. These are made lying belly on the floor/ground looking through the viewfinder to, pardon the pun with these photos, track the athlete through the viewfinder using the longest lens I can get away with.

Yes, my clothes are constantly trashed and dirty, that black rubber stuff they make running tracks from never really comes out in the wash. Indoors that's most likely a 70-200 zoom at 200mm, outdoors it's almost always a 400mm lens and most times I add a 1.4X extender to that. 

So if you see me laying down on the job I'm not taking a nap, I get paid to get dirty.

See ya on the sidelines,


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