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River Hills

For those of you driving through River Hills, and many other areas, it's evident that construction season is upon us again.  This year major construction is happening throughout the summer on W. Brown Deer Rd., as well as W. Good Hope Rd. starting in July.  With the construction comes delays to motorists.  So plan accordingly and take another route if possible.  Here are some tips to remember during road construction season:  PO Chris Malek of the River Hills Police Department provides these following tips:

        Slow Down
when approaching all work zones. You will be in the work zone quicker than you think. 
        Follow Posted Speed Limits, especially within construction zones, and try to maintain a consistent speed with the traffic flow. And adjust your speed for weather conditions.
        Don't Resume Normal Speed until you see roadway signs indicating it's safe to do so.
        Remember that fines can be doubled for violations committed in construction areas.

        Leave Room. Leave adequate braking room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Count out at least two seconds from the time the car ahead of you passes an object and the time your own car passes that object.  Also, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment and workers.
        Don't Pass on the Shoulder. Don't drive across the median. This creates a very dangerous situation for you, construction workers and other motorists -- not to mention the  steep fine.
        Leave Yourself an Out. When stopped in traffic, leave a safety zone between you and the vehicle in front of you. A good rule of thumb is that when stopped in traffic you should be able to see the bottom of the tires of the vehicle in front of you.
        Watch Out for Tailgaters. Do not force tailgaters to back off by slamming on your brakes or reducing your speed significantly. This practice can lead to road rage and increases the chances of a collision.    When possible, pull over and let them pass. If this is not possible, turn your headlights on and off several times during daylight hours to illuminate your tail lights and warn tailgaters they are too close. If at night, lightly tap your brake pedal to illuminate your brake lights.

        Keep Your Cool.
Calm down and don't rush. Remember, the temporary inconvenience of a construction zone will pay off with greatly improved roads soon.
        Pay Attention. Avoid cell phone or radio distractions, as well as those of other stopped cars or construction.
        Expect Delays. Leave a bit earlier, if necessary, to arrive at your destination on time. Consider using an alternate route that bypasses the construction zones.

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