Blind Book Date!

Published on: 2/5/2013

Book Blind Date

For Children and Teens

Looking for a little romance? Some adventure? A good laugh? An out-of-this-world fantasy? Go on a blind date with a book at the Brown Deer Library and you may just fall in love.

Beginning February 1st, we'd like to 'fix you up' with one of our books! We will select a variety of books and wrap them up, so you won't know the identity of your blind date book until you take it home.

You might be disappointed, but you may find true love!

Inside each book is a "Rate Your Book Blind Date" bookmark. Say whatever you want about your date and turn it in for an entry into our raffle. Don't worry - you won't hurt the book's feelings!

One child and one teen will each win a $10 gift card!