A Very Large 1%

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With the most recent news surrounding former presidential candidate John Edwards, we are able to see what a shallow pool of integrity the Democratic Party has offered to us this year in their candidates.  Then they expect us to elect one of them, president of the United States.  I had numerous times referred to this year as the most open presidential race since 1952.  This was supposed to be the year that offered us the best candidates from the largest field. This was supposed to be the year are we could custom make our president from an off the rack world. I have to stop using that analogy because we were shortchanged by both parties.

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Barack Obama Solves All Problems in America

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Barack Obama is planning a no lose situation.  Just like he did in the primary season, he is shifting his positions so that there is very little difference between him and his opponent.  This way, we will vote based on personalities.  And who has more charisma in this presidential race?  We all know the answer to this.

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The Future for Oil

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Only a few short weeks ago, it seemed like everybody was complaining that gas was reaching $3.50 per gallon.  Now we are cheering, because gas is $3.75 per gallon.  The price of a barrel of oil has never been more volatile.  Do we need to import more?  Do we need to drill less?  Do we need to seek alternative sources for energy?  Sometimes I think that if I could just get crude oil out of my life, it will rid me of a lot of uncertainty. 

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Change Who Will Believe In?

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Is July 1 approached, it became time to change the calendar.  For Barack Obama, it became time for him to change positions on one of his bedrock principles.  Being the presumed nominee for president this fall, someone should have clued him in that Democrats usually do not change their positions until just after the elections.  Just ask Jim Doyle.

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What is a Carbon Footprint?

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What is a carbon footprint?  I would bet that if you asked any number of people, what a carbon footprint actually is, you could not get to people that would be able to define it for you.  Even if they did, it would only be in the very faintest of terms.  Apparently it has something to do with the amount of garbage that you may use in your lifetime, the amount of energy you consume, and any flatulence that may sneak out.  Nobody knows what a carbon footprint is, but we know that it is not good.

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The Electric Lottery

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Last week we learned that WE energies had just been granted their third rate increase approval for this year.  Well, being that it's only about the middle of the year, we can expect three more, right?

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A Little Ain't Enough

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Well, last week we learned that Barack Obama, changed his mind and now found that it would be morally correct to forgo a position that formerly was a cornerstone to his campaign.  He would not except federal funding to finance his campaign for November.  This way he can get more money from all his donors so that he will have enough to buy the presidency in 2008.  You see, the federal funding would not leave him enough money to do this.  The public amount would be too small.  And as we know, a little ain't enough.

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Gas Price to Increase

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Over 30 years now, that I know of, people have been complaining about the price of gas, no matter what it is. I'm getting mighty tired of all the news about high gas prices. Back around 1974, the price of gas inched its way up to 34 cents per gallon.  People were so outraged over this high price that they decided to get out of their cars and pumped their own gas in order to save two cents per gallon.  It may seem foolish when we think back on that situation in today's context, but it was a real problem back then.  We were mad, and we weren't going to take it anymore. Yet the price increased again.

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