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John Kerry is well on his way to taking the title away from Hillary Clinton as were Secretary of State in the history of the United States. At the very least, he is a failure. At worst, he is endangering the safety and future of the American people and this country.

Last week, he spoke his mind. Now he is trying to walk it back as if he meant something other than what he really meant. His comments surrounded the fact that the Charlie Hebdo shooting was legitimized by the fact that somebody had drawn a cartoon which referred to Mohammed of the Islam faith. Although it happened in France, here in the United States where we used to have a First Amendment that applied to just about everyone, we must now be strictly politically correct when referring to anything in reference to the Islamic faith and especially Muslims. If you don't, the laws of this country will not protect you.

John Kerry no longer sticks up for America-if he ever did. As Secretary of State, he not only does not want to manage the affairs of international relations ships with the United States government, this spineless carcass does not allow him to deal effectively with the other heads of state across the world. And it's such a skill set was ever needed, it is needed now. Instead, he cowers and believes the biggest threat to the safety and security of the citizens of the United States are the citizens of the United States because they are creating climate change.

This would be funny if it wasn't so serious. But along with the administration, it is easier to try to convince the citizens of these United States that their actions and using of fossil fuels and a petroleum-based economy are creating the circumstances across the world which is causing the climate to change and extreme weather is resolved along with extremist ideologies that are being brought on as the fruits of our own labor. This is similar to the lesson we used to teach the children that if you did not lock up your bicycle you were asking to have it stolen. Yet these are the people who we are supposed to look up and admire is doing the best for America for this period in time. If you disagree, you're on the wrong side of history. What does that even mean? Liberals, Democrats, and everyone in the Obama administration wants you to believe that they are tolerant and inclusive of everybody no matter what you are, who you love, or what you believe. Unless you believe in traditional values and conservative ideals.

Keystone Kalamaty

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This week illustrates another in a series of how the liberals on to force their agenda on America absolutely no regard for the opinions or welfare of any of America. When president Obama vetoed the Keystone pipeline, whatever kind of liberal spin he tried to push on Americans to believe is simply more liberal lies in order to force their agenda on how they believe America should be because it does not affect them economically.

Years ago in a speech of lies, president Obama thought he was convincing America that he was a "all of the above" person when it comes to providing low-cost efficient energy for working America. This lie of course was overshadowed by the ones about you can keep your doctor, premiums go down $2500 per family, etc. But president Obama is not one cheap energy. He wants energy prices to be so high that they need to be subsidized and therefore this fits into his redistribute the wealth in America plan. Whenever he spoke of America being energy independent, it was a lie. Instead of getting oil from Alaska or the sands of Canada, president Obama would much rather keep in place America's commitment to handing over millions of dollars for oil to the Middle East. This will help fund ices. That fits in with president Obama's foreign-policy.

Hillary Clinton will not be any better. Her and Bernie Sanders will continue to shut down all of the false prophecies that the global warming group is preaching. And if you do not hop on the bandwagon and believe that global warming is being caused by Americans driving SUVs then you are an idiot and need to be ridiculed. They would take away your vote if they could.

The direction of this country has never been more wrong and all of these liberals have been forcing their vision of America onto those who remember when we used to have some freedoms. This is not about the environment as much as it is about redistributing income. Don't be fooled. The liberals and the other nuts on the left repeat their mantra so much that they want you to believe that it is the truth. They do not want to think for yourself but only one you to follow their path of ignorance and redistribution.

Hopefully the American electorate will wake up in time to put us on a path to prosperity and freedom. Remember when that was? Probably not, because the liberals only want you to have a very short attention span. Liberals want you to believe and see. America is unfair in just an immoral and the wealth needs to be redistributed to those who did not earn it. That's what the liberals want in America.

The Democrats Debate

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If the issues of the 2016 presidential election are going to be shaped by what we have seen in the first Democrat debate of this election cycle, America is in trouble.

First, Hillary Clinton was the only candidate that looked, sounded, and acted presidential. Ordinarily, this would be a good thing to see. The front runner looking like a front runner that is electable. But if America remembers, the Clintons have issues with things like the truth, honesty, integrity, etc. All the others look like clowns. If America elects one of these, we will be going down the tubes faster than we did in the Obama administration. America's decline during the Obama administration is bad enough and we may have trouble reversing a lot of that decline. That's unfortunate for America.

All the Democratic candidates were promising free stuff for America. Free medical care. Free education. Mandated paid leave by employers. Free streets. Free transportation. Free food. Free housing. Who wouldn't want all of these? If you promise enough free stuff, all low information voters will be running to the polls to elect the candidates that will be expected to deliver all of the free stuff. Republicans have generally run on telling America the truth realizing that hard work is required to make America great and there are not enough rich people to redistribute the wealth and have equality of outcome. That's going to be a losing strategy – again.

Mainstream media keeps repeating the story that America is tired of hearing about Hillary's e-mail scandal. Well, if she would come up with some truth about it, we would be able to move past it. But she keeps touting the same talking points again and again. That she printed out 50,000 pages. The low information voter does not know that printing out the pages can be edited and is leaving out key information that put American security at rest. As Secretary of State, she should have had enough common sense to know that everything that comes through her mailbox should be considered classified and confidential. Now are supposed to trust her judgment as president? Good God.

At least the Democrats know enough to not add any more debates. The one last week was so pathetic I don't know how anyone could watch it from beginning to end without having to run to the bathroom to vomit and reaching for the bromo-seltzer  on the way out. The contrast is definitely clear. The Democrats are fielding five clowns to be your next president. The Republicans in the field of 15, all of which would be better than any of the Democrats. Including Joe Biden.

Strike While the Iron is Still Warm

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The roles across country are using the most recent shooting tragedy in Oregon to add to their list of other shooting incidences to stoke the fire for gun control. Before we knew what the facts were, before we knew with the situation was, and all we knew that a shooting had taken place by an unknown assailant targeting innocent people, president Obama was on TV holding America about gun rights.

Showing little compassion for the affected families, president Obama lectured us because we are dumb Americans and we did not listen to the president on several other incidences which met the criteria to advance his agenda. Because this did not involve radical Islam or undocumented immigrants, the president quickly knew that the root cause of this along with other tragedies is that Americans have too many liberties. The president in waiting, Hillary Clinton also jumped on the bandwagon proclaiming that when she becomes president, she will delete that part of the Constitution that gives Americans the right to bear arms. In 2017, we will only have nine amendments in the Bill of Rights.

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Il Papa

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Now that the Pope has completed his visit to the United States, the over coverage of his travels and mission for the trip can come to an end. This trip seemed a little more overblown importance. Instead of just having the regular religious aspect of it, this trip had too many political overtones.

Maybe it's just because everything is now political, you can't have a religious figure come to the United States with the sole purpose of inspiring a following. But the Pope had a hand in this also.

For conservatives, they look to the pool for a strong stands on preserving life. They look for the humility that would accompany the Catholics. Just being good moral people should be enough. But the liberals believe that both Francis is solely on their side. They look for the criticisms of capitalism. They look for the expansion of social programs. We look for more immigration and helping the poor. They look for more poor to be helped. And they really look for all of the rhetoric about global warming.

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