Reprehensible legacy of Ronald Reagan

Yet another book just came out that praises Ronald Reagan, and builds up an image of a man that is a total lie and deception.  Ronald Reagan led a life that was filled with immorality, dishonesty, lies, unfaithfulness, cheating, avoiding military service in World War II, adultery, sex with teenagers, forcing himself on a woman, and much, much more.  To try and set the record straight, do a little research, use a search engine, and use these as a guideline to find the truth about Ronnie...

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Trump is as frightening as Reagan

When it comes to selecting the President of the most powerful nation in the world one would think that the people would select someone with intellect among his/her strong points.  If you know anything about American history you know that we have had some real intellectual clunkers in the White House.

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We are all migrants of sorts

Do you think homo sapiens originated in Europe or America?  Or did they migrate into Europe from Africa?

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The Trump Pledge and more

If you think The Donald will abide by the pledge he made to not run as a Third Party candidate, then I have a bridge for you to buy in Brooklyn.  If he does abide by it, it will because he chooses to do so for other reasons, not noble ones.  He says the Republican Party promised to treat him fairly.  The Republican Party?  They would like him to disappear.  And what does a Republican Party pledge mean, anyway?  If Donald wants to run as a Third Party candidate, he will simply say the Republicans didn't treat him fairly and thus broke the pledge themselves.  That's the Trump Way.  But the biggest laugh comes from anyone stating that the Republican Party took a pledge to treat someone or something "fairly."  That's hilarious.

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Gun killing on live TV

As soon as the television station in Roanoke, Virginia experienced the murder of its reporter and cameraman, there were questions about whether or not this should be shown by other stations in their nightly newscasts.  Of course most stations decided not to run it exactly as it happened.

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