Scott Walker scrapes the bottom

Daily press reports paint a picture of Governor Scott Walker that gets scuzzier and scuzzier.  How low can you go?  His entire political life is loaded with lies, court, deception, money from questionable sources, staff that have broken the law and gone to jail, balanced budgets that aren't anywhere near balanced, spending millions and millions of dollars to cover up John Doe testimony that carries more news about this shady guy, etc.

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Republican Party Hash & Stew

Yes, one part of the Republican Party is mixed up over Obamacare and emails among other things, and they have an unworkable hash.  Another part of the Republican Party is mixed up over Benghazi plus who should be Speaker of the House and they have created a real stew.  Do you prefer hash or stew?

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No GOP leader greedy enough

The circus going on in the U.S. House of Representatives is amazing to watch. It is democracy at its worse. It is an example of elected officials so tied to their wealthy sponsors that they cannot agree or compromise on anything. To them it is "our way or nothing."     To call that selfish is too timid. It is greed expressing itself in selfish ways. It is bending democracy to make it an oligarchy, controlled by those with money. It is sickening.       This is not to say that the Democrats do not have bent legislative ideas that support their sponsors. Greed runs throughout the U.S. Congress, both Houses, both parties. But there is no question that the Republican Party is the champion at greed. Republicans directly and indirectly support the wealthier segments of American business and society. Their loyalty to greed is making it impossible to agree on anything, including things within their own political party.      Speaker of the House of Representatives is an important and powerful position. Of course much of that importance and power depends upon cooperation from your own political party. But supporting special interests has become so specific to specific corporations and industries that there is no room for other enterprises. Specific segments of our society want it all for themselves. Period.       What will happen? Paul Ryan? Mitt Romney? Wouldn't it be strange if the House could not agree on ANYONE within their own Party in that body and had to choose a Speaker who was not a member of Congress?  That is possible and permitted.  That might include Mitt Romney.        Imagine a world with the Speaker of the House not being a member of the House of Representatives, and Donald Trump as President of the United States. Imagine. That is a world that many Republicans are offering us. A nightmare.

Oregon massacre indicates...?

Nine more killings at a school/college.  This time in Oregon.  Are you man enough to admit guns are a big part of the problem, or do you need to hide behind guns and have the NRA shelter your opinion?

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Oh, how we need a quality President!

May the next President we elect know and understand the important meaning of these words and concepts:

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