As you consider your vote...

 Are you tired of all the so-called debating that is going on in the election process?  Are you sick of all the lies?  Do politicians make you sick?  Is the entire process a sham?  Do political parties really matter?  Does all the money spent in the election process gag you?  

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Am I an "American"?

 I remember the first time I visited Europe.  It was interesting to feel being different than everyone else.  At that time it was a time to be proud to be from the U.S.  In truth, I felt a little above these other people in nations recovering from the Second World War.  There was still rubble around from bombing.  Americans were seen as saviors of democracy.

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Trump's candidacy aids terrorists

Donald Trump's constant and ongoing rants and raves have done wonders for ISIS and other terrorist groups.  To them, his very presence in an important role in the top American political scene indicates that the United States is a place where bigotry, hatred, love of the military, lack of freedom and rights rule the nation. 

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The mess in the Middle East

Americans like to look for someone to blame for the quagmire in the Middle East.  We need to look in the mirror.  Much of the mess in that area of the world is of our own doing.

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We are nuts about guns (literally)

As I type this there is an American being shot and killed somewhere by a gun.  And that will continue on every day of every year in the U.S.  And each day some American will dream up some ridiculous excuse for the gun craziness.  And each day organizations like the National Rife Association will spend a great deal of money to somehow excuse it all or give some nutso reason.  What does it take to make us finally take honest notice and act on this?  

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