America's distorted view of justice...

The announced death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia brought with it immediate mention of his intellect and impact on the Court. He was a died-in-the-wool conservative, and this was thought to be just fine for a Supreme Court member. In the U.S. we now expect our judges at every level to have strong and obvious political positions. Objectivity is out of the question. There are simply obvious pre-judged opinions that we accept from our judges. Huh? Think about it. That is the correct playing field we have in American "justice." It is. The same would be true for a liberal/progressive judge. We would know from whence his/her "opinions" emanate. And this passes for democratic justice in the United States. Long, detailed court hearings in which evidence is presented in the hope that an objective judgment will be made are mostly a waste of time if there is a political overtone to the case. We have right-wing leaning judges and we have left-leaning judges and no room for true objectivity. Heavens, a man or woman who is truly objective would never be approved in a Senate review. They demand to know if you lean left or right, or as in the case of Scalia, if you are openly and extremely in one direction. How proud we often are of our "justice" system. How ignorant we are.

Fresh look at New Hampshire...

The media will not present the New Hampshire voting results this way, but I think it is informative:

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Cam Newton and Donald Trump

It is all about them.  Or, in their words, it is all about me. 

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Iowa: Up for Rubio, Down for Trump

Slogan from Iowa for Donald Trump:  The ego has landed.

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Can an Iowa caucus help tell us understand...

If Hillary's latest revealed e-mail gaff will again cost her the nomination?

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