It appears President Obama will release his basic, long-term plan for Afghanistan in a couple days.  It will probably include the addition of 30,000 to 35,000 military personnel.  It will likely call for President Karzai to make quick and abundant moves to clean up his government.  And it will make some sort of pledges to do more to rebuild the nation, provide more direct help for individuals, and stay the course.

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...capitalists stole the farm.  It was recently reported that the corporations receiving the most national bailout money paid billions of dollars in bonuses just before the bottom fell out.  And some of these capitalists dumped their stock immediately before it crashed because they knew it would happen before the general public did.

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No matter how great sausage may taste, you don't want to watch it being made.  Some nasty looking "parts" are ground up in the making.  Imagine how horrible sausage would be if we were forced to watch it being made in front of us and its taste outcome was impossible to digest.  Voila!, health care reform.

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From the time we are born, we are rarely given an opportunity to search for who we are.  Through no fault of our parents and adult friends, we are herded into certain ways of thinking and acting.  In nations, cultures, and families where there is a deep religious adherence, this formulaic upbringing is most intense.  There are strict pathways to be led down.  There are rules and regulations that are taught as universal truths, even though they may not be.  We are not encouraged to ask who we are as individuals, as unique creations.  We are programmed and never stop to ask ourselves who we are, who is this who now senses this moment, sees that tree, hears that bird, feels that breeze...each of it in the way that only we, as a unique entity, can experience it.  Stop!  Take a look and feel at who we are...who you are.

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Being a loyal American, I believe it is important for our democracy to have important issues receive a balanced consideration.  The U.S. media thrives on war photos and coverage.  It is presented as though there is no alternative to the "necessary" war we may be currently waging.  There is rarely a peace alternative offered.  Any hint of a peace alternative is greeted by cries of "traitor" by lots of non-combatants.  Picture, if you will, Rush Limbaugh marching, rifle over his shoulder, in an army uniform.  Please note in the quotes below those especially of U.S. Army generals.

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