Today marked the demise of Air America, the predominently liberal radio system.  I have been searching to remember if I ever listened to it.  I don't believe I ever did.  No matter.  I do not like stilted political radio.

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Watching "Meet the Press" on NBC-TV, with the moderator sitting between former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton was a change in the environment.  I personally did not like either of their administrations or either of them personally.  But there they were, exchanging cooperative comments about joining them in support of Haiti following that horrible earthquake there.  Though differing in their political perspectives, they were able to put that aside for the good of humanity and for the good will of the American people.  How absolutely appropriate and examplery was this action.  In today's overheated political climate, with political wars swirling all around us, and every single thing dividing Americans in polarizing hatred, one could ponder for one brief moment the possibilities inherent in cooperation.  Could it possibly become a catalyst to return to the sanity of politics and government in the U.S.?

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Both right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson and equally right-wing radio squawker Rush Limbaugh have openly shared their similar opinion about the earthquake that ravaged Haiti.   They both have been critical of the  people of  Haiti and in a real sense blame the people of  that long-suffering nation themselves for much of  their misery.   Pat Robertson, receiving a backlash from the general American public, has tried to gloss over his insensitive statements, but remains critical of Haitians for their "deal with the devil," a total distortion of historical facts.  Rush Limbaugh is proudly holding fast to his boasting and insensitivity.

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As we watch and experience the death of American capitalism, there is a general finger-pointing exercise that aims at creeping socialism.  But the U.S. is much farther from socialism than ever, and there is no remnant of it if there ever was one.  In the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt instituted some economic plans that put the brakes on run-away capitalistic greed in order to save the United States from total disaster.  Since then there has been a steady march toward greed capitalism.

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A few days ago a "journalist" on a FOX news program commenting about the public's revulsion with the actions of Tiger Woods, said something very seriously along these lines:

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