Oh, how we American "purists" love to heap piles of our "pure" criticism on Moslems.  The "purist of the pure" here identify all Moslems as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.  What if I were to be so blatant as to tell you that Islam is a religion of Peace?  Would you cringe?  Would that be impossible for you to process?  If you absolutely cannot accept the peace identification with the faith of Moslems, then it is an indication of how completely brainwashed you are, and perhaps more importantly, how easily you can fall prey to any prejudice, especially religious bigotry.

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"We stand for the maintenance of private property...We shall protect free enterprise as the most expedient or rather the sole possible economic order." -Adolf Hitler

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While people from the left and right oversimplify the dilemmas faced by the U.S., and egocentrically think that all the government has to do is this or that and voila!, all will be fine.  It is especially distressing when these simple suggestions for complex issues come from power groups that only have an attitude that everyone who disagrees with them is the hated enemy.   Or conceal the fact that their opinions come from commercial and all-too-greedy motivations.  Too often these hate-filled attacks come from people and groups who have little or no understanding of the historical backdrop to events and developments.  When one has only an elementary understanding, elementary solutions seem obvious.

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Politics in the United States have sunk so low that just about anyone who does not agree with one's strict adherence to some political straight-jacket is seen, not as a political adversary or opponent, but as an enemy.  Sometimes the vitriol is so viscious that Americans treat fellow-Americans as outsiders, and call each other names like socialists, communists, fascists, Nazis, etc.  While it has been escalating since the 1980s, it has become downright outrageous since the U.S. elected a president of mixed racial background who was and is quickly identified as black.  In the U.S., one drop of African blood makes on black.  And we cast prejudicial stones at people based on skin color and shade.  Sad.

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Among the myriad things we have forgotten about the horrid two terms of George W. Bush, the Iraqi mistake hangs over us.  It will haunt us for a long, long time.  Anyone with any historical and current understanding of the Iraq "nation" knew what a terrible mistake was made invading that sovereign nation.  Yes, Saddam was a horrible leader, but no nation, including the U.S., has the right to trump up false charges to justify such an invasion.  And have the ongoing ignorance and bravado to celebrate our "victory" there with a broad "Mission Accomplished" sign as President Bush had one shaky hand on the steering wheel of the plane that landed on a aircraft carrier with him in full military gear.  Shades of the AWOL military reservist Bush.

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