Yes, it is possible to be informed in the United States.  Yes, it is possible to find objective journalism in the U.S.  No, no place is perfect in reporting the news.  However regularly following these news sources will get you much closer to the truth than following MSNBC, FOX, Moveon, Limbaugh, or other news outlets that only slant the news and do not report it objectively ...or even make an attempt to do so.  A partial list I suggest...

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Last Thursday I was at a public insitution gathering when the first news came in about the plane that crashed into an office building in Austin, Texas.  Immediately I began to hear comments about "Obama is too easy on those damn terrorists!" or "When will Obama learn?" or "That's what we get for coddling the terrorists," or "No doubt it is some Moslem terrorist."  It was almost as though people were pleased that their illogical judgments about the Obama administration were being confirmed. 

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One of the more interesting comments left below a recent blog posting of mine is that I have to decide what I must believe.  That is totally anathema to me.  I've lived a long time, and things I thought were absolutely true now appear to me to be not true.  An open mind, free of judgments and belief systems is a healthy mind.  But people insist they must believe in some scripted menu for life, some road map for life, some exclusive deduction about life that far too often excludes "the others."  Below are some current "beliefs" that may or may not be true.  However none are true because they fit some pre-conceived belief system or political posture...

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The refrain from the old, emotional song confronts us with the choices we have to make in life.  Unfortunately, too many of us ONLY see the world as one in which one feels the MUST to ALWAYS support this side or that, especially in political matters.  We are a lesser nation for it.

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While there are some people who see liberals everywhere, it is well to point out that the United States of America is the only industrial nation in the entire world that never had a strong political movement from the left.  To a conservative this is hard to believe.  To a conservative, a movement to organize labor is a leftist threat.  To a conservative, any taxes are cause for concern and seen as unnecessarily bowing to the left [unless the money is spent on the military, border protection, taxing the middle class in order to give tax breaks to big business, drug enforcement to protect legal drug corporations, etc.]. 

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