My last blog here...

This newspaper is closing down this section at the end of the month. So this will be my last blog. What to say? Thank you to all my loyal readers. You may reach me at:                    What to write that might carry some positive impact?

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Springtime for Hitler

In 1968 Mel Brooks produced an award-winning film titled "The Producers," starring Zero Mostel and Milwaukee native Gene Wilder. The hilarious plot was for them to raise lots of money to produce a Broadway musical that was so much of a flop that it would close after one show and they would keep the remaining money. But it had to be a real stinker. They developed a musical that they knew was in such bad taste that it would close after one showing. It was titled "Springtime for Hitler." It glorified the Fuhrer and Nazism. Beyond belief, the show was a hit!

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America described: ignorant, capitalistic

How much aptitude does it take to see Donald Trump for what he is and what he represents?  For the United States it apparently takes more ignorance than intelligence to heartily support Trump.  It is happening in the United States day by day.  As the world watches, we display a total lack of insight.

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Stopping Trump now more difficult, but...

 Can Donald Trump be kept from getting the Republican Party nomination for President?  Of course.  But it gets tougher and tougher.

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Our dismal list of Presidential candidates

 The race to the White House couldn't be more delusional, more ignorant, and more pathetic.  One would have thought the very idea of candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz considering the highest elected office in the U.S. was pathetic enough, but as they reveal more and more of themselves, it only gets worse and worse.  We should feel both disgusted and amazed at the current list of hopefuls.

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