Sewer backups. Solving the sewer problem. Only talking about the sewer problem.



I was surprised not to see the sewer backup item on the agenda of Shorewood's board coming meeting.


The letter announcing the coming neighborhood meetings dealing with “the rain and flooding” makes no mention of raw sewage backup.


The Board members can maintain a good distance from this problem for as long as possible. I hope that these scheduled meetings will involve more than the history lessen on neglected raw sewage backups in Shorewood.


This does not seem like it is going to be an event announcing the cure to the problem.  It has all the attributes of a new song and dance or the old song and dance done over.  Are Board members going to refrain from touching the subject at the next Board meeting?


Will Board members be present at the various neighborhood meetings? Perhaps they don't want to soil their hands in this rare sewage businress. 


Now that we know that homes experiencing backups not only have to notify the State of that fact and can expect to lose tens-of-thousands of dollars of value when selling their homes, shouldn't these property owners also expect to get reduction in property value assessments.


These neglected sewers will cost citizens and the Village big bucks. Are we going to hear how this situation will be corrected or will we be told that because of government processes things will remain the same, or appear slightly different while remaining the same.?

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