Outmoded sewers.

Overflowing sewers.


THOSE IN CHARGE in the past in Shorewood bet on more for less in a combined sewer system. Now we have less for more.


The time has come for THOSE IN CHARGE to concentrate on separating our runoff water system from our sewage system.


We should not be making plans and developing patches of residences here and there putting more sewer  backup potential in our community while ignoring our present sewer capacity.


Schools and property values stand to decline if we don't fix our sewers now.


Let's put someone IN CHARGE of achieving a workable sewer system for Shorewood now. What good is the slogan “the walkable community” if it means  in raw sewage.


More for less, doing it on the cheap usually means less service for more money in the long run.


And the long run has come and gone in the case of sewers in Shorewood. We cannot continue to ignore that this important element of infrastructure is dysfunctional and working against all aspects of community.


Bad sewers are not going to help property values nor potential sales, nor any potential commercial activity. This situation is certainly not going to help our school system.


A house with a "for sale "sign and a stack of sewage damaged stuff in front isn't going to be too attractive to potential buyers, is it?


So what do we do? FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM.  Let's come up with a plan and put a special person in charge of sewer improvement now.


Let's hear from somebody in charge and from some citizens of our community on this subject. 

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