Issues for the Senate Race

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As we get closer to the election day, it's time to start paying attention to the U.S. Senate race. Do we want hope and change or do we want the status quo of the last 8+ years? It sounds like the 2008 election all over again. Only this time with the U.S. Senate.

Can Russ Feingold run on his record? Many of his votes cast in the Senate are in lockstep with the Democrat status quo. Feingold voted for the stimulus and he voted for healthcare reform. He voted along party lines in many of his votes at least the past year and a half. Now, all of a sudden he thinks he is a maverick and is bucking his party lines. He was the only Democrat to vote against the financial reform bill. Being on the losing end of this vote, that's not much consolation. Feingold said his vote against it was not because he didn't believe that he would be standing up for the freedom of Americans. No. He voted against it because it did not impose even more regulation. Feingold also voted against the patriot act. Yet, Feingold was part of a Congress that signed away more American liberties than the patriot act ever can or will.

But what is the big issue of the Senate race this year? Is it deficits? Is it the two wars? Is it out-of-control spending? Is it healthcare regulations? Not according to Feingold. The deciding issue in this year's Senate race is-drilling for oil in Lake Michigan.

Drilling for oil in Lake Michigan? Like many citizens, I was not aware of the impending drilling that was going to take place in the Great Lakes. And of course if it does, it will create a slick that will go all the way to Iowa. That's going to decide my vote.

Like many citizens, I'm trying to think of some tangible results for Russ Feingold that he has provided for the state in his three terms as senator. Can you think of any? Neither can I.

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