Sewers. Separate sewer system. Self-contain sewers. Future sewers included thermophilic bacteria that consume organic waste.



Shorewood should definitely separate its run off water from our joint sewer system.   This is the only basis for a solution to our backups as I see it at the present time.


Another immediate bypass of run off water would be to develop underground water retention systems for run off water in the space occupied by our boulevard areas and areas along the park areas, on Wilson Drive for example.  


We could do this in conjunction with Whitefish Bay.  Forget about building on Wilson Drive. The expanded tax base doesn't seem to solve our basement backup problems.


Over a medium time span, we should work with UWM in developing a self-contained sewer system that would be installed in Shorewood.  One concept would allow thermophilic bacteria to consume the organic waste in our sewers and they would then return the favor by giving us clean water at temperatures that would permit us to provide heat for institutional buildings.  The system would also produce methane gas. 


 We should work toward obtaining patents on what we develop jointly so as to increase the possibilities of producing revenues for both UWM and for Shorewood.  What do readers say? Give us your opinions.

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