Update 2 on WFB flooding


Just a few updates..

First off, the Village Hall is mostly without power, as water ruined their electrical panel.  Some phones and computers are running off a portable generator.    911 operations have been moved to Bayside.

If you'd like to report water damage, please do so online at the Village website .. click on this link to fill out an online contact formthrough the website:

  • Name, Address, Phone
  • Did the water come through the floor drain?
    • How deep was it?
    • Did it smell of sewage?
    • Did the water come from the wall or windows?

Please continue to check the

WFB Website

for more information, as they are updating it throughout the day.

The WFB Library is closed today due to water damage.  With luck, will be open Saturday.

The southern half of WFB got hit far worse than the northern half.   The 4700 blocks on the southern border got hit very hard.

WFB did perform active bypass of the sanitary sewers, trying to reduce the volume in the sanitary sewers, reducing basement overflows.  Clearly, that didn't prevent many sewage backups in homes, but it's one of the few tools in the box.

WFB will have a number of garbage crews out soon, picking up curb refuse. 

The WFB High School, Cumberland, and Richards all had "a lot" of water and they are working to mitigate now.  I've heard the Middle School fared better.

Here's a great 2 minute YouTube video on the WFB flood.   Shows a number of flooded streets. 

As for Shorewood .. apparently some of the bike trails have washed away.  A part of Atwater beach/bluff has fallen down.  Their police station had tremendous damage.

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