100-year principle. Act of God. Concepts that prevent sewer modernization.



Does the hundred- year principle that this kind of flood occurs only once every hundred years make those citizens of Shorewood happy today that this happens only once every 100 years. What's going to happen tomorrow, another 100-year flood?


Are we the unlucky one-hundred year winners. How come this one-hundred year event has happened three times over the past 25 years—the hundred-year flood three times in 25 years. So its been  happening more often than once every hundred years lately. So much for that principle.


These heavy rains are "an act of God."  Of course, everything is an act of God. How else could it be explained? We drain the rain water from our roofs fairly successfully even though that rain is an act of God. We build up dams holding back rivers, even though that water flow is an act of God.


We've learned to act with God in many ways on this earth and fairly successfully. Has this cooperation with God broken down when it comes to Shorewood's and the Metropolitan Sewer District's diplomatic relationships?


Engineers seem to know how to cooperate with God. Maybe our elected officials rather not act with God. Let's get some engineers who are on the good side of God to design us a workable sewer and drainage system. I don't want to blame God for our outmoded dysfunctional sewers.

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