WFB .. a great lake on a Great Lake. 11.6 inches!


Brutal night last night .. there's a report from a rain gauge in Shorewood that recorded 11.6 inches of rain.  

Suffice it to say, we got an overwhelming amount of rain last night.  If there's a dry basement in Whitefish Bay, I'd like to hear about it.  My street (5400 block of Kent) was flooded in the middle, with water lapping up against our front steps, and across the street, a home's basement window was partially submerged.   A neighbor busted out his canoe and floated down the street.   Brutal.

Here's a picture my wife took out my front window.  I'm actually in the middle of the picture, out in the road trying to clear the storm drain to no avail.

I haven't received other reports yet this morning, but I assume it is brutal Village wide.  WFB Village Hall is partially operating.

Below is an email I received from our Assistant Village Manager:

            Village Hall is not fully functional and we are running on some power from the generator that is located in the basement.  Our phone system for the moment is currently working and we have some computers running.  We expect to be operating like this all day.  If we completely lose power, the Library will be used as an alternative contact point for information.

The Village website has more information in regards to last night’s flooding and can be found through this link.  We will update it as more information becomes available. 

We will be taking calls throughout the day, but our response will be focused on getting people to the website to contact the County 211 number and follow the other information on there as this is a public safety issue as well.  Please continue to direct people to the website as much as possible for this information.  The information is on the front page.  We will try to assist people as much as we can through the phone or in person, but our response is limited due to available resources.

The Village website is located here:

The Village has been sending trucks to pick up items (from basements) on curbs this week from LAST week's storm .. and will be doing so again.  Clearly, resources are stretched very thin at this point.

Concerning reporting your water damage to the County 211 number .. Here's a quote from the JS:

211 is not an emergency response number. The information will be used to build a damage estimate for Milwaukee County that will be used to seek state and federal disaster aid.

Callers should have the following information available: Contact name and phone number, address of damaged property, name of property owner or renter, type of damage, a brief description of damage and estimated dollar amount, and the percentage of damage covered by insurance.

Looks like there's more rain coming today.  AQUAMAN .. SAVE US!

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