Jobs, jobs, jobs. Individual entrepreneurs.


(Our sewers are linked to ancient ways of thinking. I want to get away from sewers for today.)


I'd like to talk about another outmoded way of thinking--”jobs, jobs, jobs.”


We're never again going to have large industries and corporations that are going to be the great sources of jobs.  Jobs cost these profit-making agencies a lot of money. And they want to avoid as many of them as possible.


Where they need people to work, they prefer immigrants who will work for less than those seeking jobs. Robots and other systems replace “jobs” and cost less than workers in the long run.


If these processes cannot be implemented then we outsource to countries where work is for less.


So the concept of “jobs, jobs, jobs” is an outmoded concept.


Many if not most of the millions of unemployed will have to make their own jobs if they can.


They will have to become like individual craftsmen or service people offering some form of individual service. They will have to create “their own space” similar to the way the family farmer operates.


Many immigrants who came here a century ago had to create their own jobs. In the cities they sold fish, vegetables and fruit from carts. Today, even here in Milwaukee these have graduated into large family held food distributing firms.


Some gathered junk and rags. Some became carpenters and barbers and later with the increase in car ownership became car mechanics. Some became cab drivers.


Lawyers, doctors and dentists, accountants and real estate agencies operate pretty much “in their own space,” “on their own”.


As industries and corporations are not going to be the providers of jobs that they once were, we cannot expect to take that route to provide for the many jobs required for people to make a living in this country.


The unemployed are going to require training in how to become individual entrepreneurs, in how to do it “on their own” and how to find “their own space.”


Even aiding small businesses in becoming bigger businesses is not going to be enough. We are going to develop ways of helping individuals to make it “on their own” and there are plenty of existing models and new ones coming up. The next decade or two will be that of the “individual entrepreneur.”

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