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The word conjures up a variety of different images: Picasso’s blue period, dogs playing poker, Monet’s water lilies, Elvis on black velvet, Rodin sculptures, and ceramic black panthers with rhinestone collars. We all have our own ideas as to what is art.

My interest in art developed at a young age. Dressed in a white blouse with a Peter Pan collar, a brown jumper, matching brown Buster Brown shoes (fancy field trip clothes), and my name tag hanging around my neck, I remember getting off the school bus at the Milwaukee Art Museum formerly the Milwaukee Art Center. That was after Mrs. Hannah reminded us, “shhhh . . . this is a quiet place. We touch with our eyes, not with our hands.”

A whole new world was opened. Wow. The colors, the textures, and the time it took the artist to create this work of art. It was so far away from my greatest attempt at art, a paint by numbers picture of a collie; I could barely stay in the lines. I would never become a Marie Cassatt or Georgia O’Keeffe.

From that moment, I began a love affair with art, Degas and the other French Impressionists, Matisse, and my new love – Britto.

Milwaukee is a city with a wonderful art scene. If going to the Milwaukee Art Museum isn’t your style, there is still a great opportunity for you to see some great art. If a fun, casual, party-like atmosphere is more your taste, head down to the Historic Third Ward for Gallery Night. Gallery Night is an annual tradition in the Third Ward. The galleries are open late, artists hold special receptions to showcase their current exhibitions, and everyone has a fun lively evening.

While you are down there, stop by the Soups On Gallery located at 221 North Water Street, Milwaukee between 6-10pm. Come and say “hi”, I’ll be there as the writer for the exhibition by photographer Diane Yokes entitled, Mirror Image: Reflection of Merladies, Aquatic Beauty & Sirens of the Sea. This exhibition is full of beautiful portraits and images taken by Diane Yokes and Scott Ihlenfeld. Each image and portrait has been personally hand colored by Diane to create an original and unique work of art. This exhibition truly reflects her belief that a photographic image should capture the heart.

Come out and enjoy an evening of art. I’m sure you won’t find any ceramic black panthers or paint by number collies at Gallery Night..

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