Village Board members have presented us with enough excuses for not eliminating sewage backups. Can they keep charging us for taking away sewage while dumping it back into our basements?

Sewage, Sewage backups. Disfunctional sanitary systems.



There's no question that Shorewood's sewers should be upgraded immediately so that they do not spill raw sewage into residents' basements, turning those basements into sewage holding tanks for sewage that is going to be sent into the lake anyway.


And what about the mess that follows and the required repairs? What is sanitary about our sanitary sewer system?



We don't want to be known for our raw sewage backups. What about the invention of an innovative sewer system that with the help of the appropriate bacteria would rid us of the waste, produce methane gas and hot water to be used for heating and in the end supply clarified water to be returned to the system or to the lake.


Perhaps that's too much to expect. But it seems that a community like ours, can make us safe from sewage backup. Let's get with it and let's do it now. We know the old excuses. Please, no new excuses.


Between the backup events and the next Board meeting, over a month's time, the Board should be able to present us with several alternatives.


Several years ago, I suggested some alternatives. Were they considered? Were others considered? Why not? There's been several years to consider those and even many more years before that. ..


Some one needs to run for office on the issue of upgrading our outmoded sewer system and to eliminate the backups of sewage in our neighbors' basements.

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