The folly of partisan political perspective is truly amazing in light of devious and shady happenings on both the left and the right.  This has been taking place since the founding of the United States.  In the midst of the current polarization of political differences, the variety of vehicles to express opinions has allowed extreme elements to broadcast their viewpoints in a more virulent manner. 

Compromise and a mature approach to cooperation have suffered.  Each political group feeds off  this polarization, thus more and more they feel pure and sacred.  Seeing other possibilities, other opinions, other ideas have become impossible.  The U.S. has suffered because of it.

Neither side is blameless and neither side is pure.  LBJ allowed the Vietnam War to escalate and go on far too long, and even used the Gulf of Tomkin as an excuse for it all.  No more need be said about Richard Nixon than "Watergate" to remind us of the frightening misuse of power and devious actions.  Ronald Reagan funded the Contras who were fighting a democratically elected government in Nicaragua, and he secretly used Iran to help him ...Iran!    Bill Clinton's escapades with a young intern in the White House are sickening reminders that our presidents are mortal people with immoral thoughts.  George W. Bush's administration lied to Congress and the American people over and over, and Obama made election promises that he surely must have known he could never carry out.  Whose blameless?

Are these simply the pitfalls of democracy?  Can we simply blame the American populace for allowing this to happen?  Or are these developments by our presidents a reflection on our own immoral and unethical thoughts and actions?  Is the fault, dear voter, in each and all of us?  If so, when clear heads prevail, the last thing we want to do is follow an extreme movement.  The past is littered with the ruins of peoples and civilizations that expressed their own immorality and their own unethical motives by choosing extreme leaders.  We need look no further than the recent past century to see the destruction and devastation that came from BOTH communism and fascism, the extreme left and the extreme right.

Marx and Lenin found tools, peoples, and nations to carry out their "ideals."  Mussolini and Hitler found tools, peoples, and nations to carry out their "ideals."  Are these the extremes we want?  When will we ever learn?  When will we realize that every political movement has its own falsities.  When we begin to make extremes sacred, we then use our power to foist upon others what we believe to be "ideals."

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