Sewer backup. What is the response of community officials?

Community officials. Citizens want attention to problems. Community response.

Put on the table what some residents are experiencing in their basements.  (Check previous postings).


Some communities hesitate to take any action called for by citizens.


In several communities that I've learned about, the citizens got the attention of their elected officials as well as of their appointed professional by initiating law suits.


After this recent storm and human waste backups into the basements of number of residents, not in mine, I've heard that a group of people might do just that and have begun talking to lawyers.


Wouldn't in be wise for our elected officials to avoid the costs of law suits and initiate a public hearing where citizens could be heard and officials can explain what is taking place to correct for these backup situations.


Has a wise person on Board suggested that this matter be put on the agenda for the next Board meeting? If not, I'm suggesting that we do so as soon as possible.

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