Human waste backing up in to basements. Sanitation, a local government responsibility.



Basements full of human waste. Is that what today we call sanitary sewers? (Check previous posting as well).


Some people in Shorewood would like to know why our government allows unsanitary situations like sewage backups into citizens basements to persist even as an occasional situation or even once after this situation is recognized to occur.


What does the stress of each rain storm bring to families that may experience these sewage backups that turn basements into to holding tanks of human waste.


It's terrible for people to be living above this waste even for a few hours and the cleanup and the damage afterwards becomes quite a mess.


Do residents of Shorewood know that some of their neighbors are experiencing these uncivilized situations. I've learned about it from some of my friends and all of us here should learn of it too.


How many would voluntarily turn their basements into storage tanks for human waste for their neighbors who are lucky enough not to get backups?


Citizens pay  for the disposal of their waste not for storing it in their basements for the district.  The District should pay for the trouble that these people have been put through as well as the cleanup, repair and inconvenience.


After all this is America in the 21st century. This is not a third world country. This is an upper middle class suburb. Is this how upper middle class Americans live in the USA?


Last night a significant number of households in Shorewood were again put into this situation. Shouldn't we put a stop to it?

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