Published on: 7/15/2010

THE ILLUSION: the walkable community. THE DISILLUSION: walking home to a BASEMENT FULL OF SEWAGE BACKUP.


So we're going to get doubling of sewer cost because they are outmoded and require more repair.


Last night brought home this fact to property owners with sewage backup in their basements. A great deal of damage to the various appliances and drywalls in finished basements and the place full of sewage stuff. Insurance companies pay only limited damage and for limited numbers of backup events.


What are the members of the SHOREWOOD VILLAGE BOARD going to do about our 100 year sewer infrastructure? What are the positive effects of last night's downpour? Isn't this proof that some action must be taken? If the Board doesn't act, perhaps the citizens must. Many citizens have been pleading with the BOARD that they do something.


This is not an oil spill. Here we can do something about it. It's the duty of each member of the Board to do something about this. Let's hear from you responsible individuals, elected representatives of the citizens of Shorewood.