Feingold A Fiscal Conservative?

Published on: 7/15/2010

We've all known for years that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel panders to the liberal and Democrat candidates no matter how bad they are. That's an assumption that we'll just have to live with. They are starting to come up with some so-called news stories comparing Senator Russ Feingold to candidate Ron Johnson. If we are aware of this bias, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that it exists in order to read these columns without having to be interrupted to run to the cabinet to get the Alka Seltzer.

In one article, we are led to believe that the deciding factor on who we should send to Washington for the next six years should be based solely on if the candidate owns any type of stock in BP. Well, Ron Johnson on some outright, and Russ Feingold old and some through a mutual fund. Gosh, Wally, this doesn't make the decision crystal-clear. But, let's think this over. Who in their right mind would invest in an oil stock for a company that would at some point in the future cause an environmental disaster? The only good news is, the wealth of these two candidates has also been diminished by the decrease in the stock price. That makes us all feel good, right?

Now, Russ Feingold is being painted as a fiscal conservative. Well, at least he won't be grouped in with those evil tax and spenders who voted for the stimulus program and health care. His Russ Feingold also in lockstep with the confirmation of Elena Kagan? There are so many Kagan lovers out there, I'm surprised she hasn't found a husband yet. Even Senator Herb Kohl loves her. But, let's change the subject.

Senator Feingold has come out against voting for the financial reform bill. He's claiming that it will help pinch pennies like we do here in Wisconsin. Well, pandering to cheapos may get some votes, but only from those who don't remember the expense of votes that Senator Feingold has cast. Will one of his votes have an effect on his reelection? Yes, but not this one. It will be his vote for health care.

The health care reform bill will not benefit the people of Wisconsin due to the programs that are already in place at the state level. But yet, the citizens of Wisconsin will be asked to contribute to the enormous price that is going to be expected to be paid by the citizens of the United States. It's not going to be a good bang for the buck.

Well, it doesn't take an oddsmaker to figure out who the Journal Sentinel is going to endorse come this fall. And hopefully we will have some actual issues that will come up that will help the voters of this state decide. Then, there's always the possibility that Ron Johnson may own stock in other evil corporations too. After that, our only hope is that Russ Feingold's fund manager got him out of those stocks in time.