Obama's New Worn Out Rhetoric

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President Obama is looking forward to the summer. Congress will be in recess and he can make appointments without the consent and advice of the Senate. He can tour the country using Air Force One to avoid the day-to-day responsibilities of his office and do the one thing he does well-campaign. He will be putting forth his best effort to further divide the country politically and do it all on taxpayers dollars.

Having little or no success of his own in his first half of his term of office, Obama will be preaching the rhetoric of his well-worn grooves-blaming Bush for the failures of the Obama presidency. Yes, according to President Obama, George Bush screwed things up so bad that President Obama cannot do what he was elected to do; fix-it.

Having no record of success to run on, the president must turn the election to being a choice. The choice being in what Obama and the Democrats describe as failed policies which led us into this financial mess or, the failed policies of taxing, spending, government takeover, pandering to unions, and excuse making. The latter of course is being re-branded as moving forward.

Americans have yet to find out who is spending nearly $1 trillion has yet to produce the jobs that America is looking for in order to consider the great recession as over. Passing health care reform via the rhetoric that it is going to reduce costs and solidify America's future is a long way from being realized. Jobless benefits are also being re-branded as stimulating the economy. Prominent Democrats have come out and used those very words. So just who is being bamboozled?

The favorite whipping boy of President Obama is anyone who is a Republican. Time and again President Obama has blamed Republicans for holding up key pieces of legislature which would require us to increase the deficit, raise our taxes, and surrender our civil liberties. If the Republicans had done this, I'd like President Obama to give an example. Democrats were swept into office with large majorities in both houses of Congress. Yet if they can't pass the socialist agenda of President Obama and the members of his administration, how can this be the fault of Republicans?

Whenever I see President Obama pending over and screaming into a microphone with his arms flailing back and forth like a young Joe Cocker, I just don't know what to think. It doesn't look presidential, it doesn't sound presidential, and it sends a message that President Obama is not interested in being president of all the citizens of the United States. His actions and his policies screamed to the American people that President Obama wants to divide further an already divided American people.

If we look at any speeches made by past presidents I think you will find that none have spent almost their entire term completely procreating their predecessor and the opposing party. President Obama's actions are illustrative of his inexperience's and his lack of skills of how to manage the government. There were warning signs in 2007 and 2008 that Barack Obama did not have the right kind of experience in order to govern effectively. Many voters did not heed this warning. But then again it does not take a Nostradamus to figure this one out. Once again we are entering into a in which a line of change is going to be needed at the federal level. Let's hope we can do it right this time.

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