Published on: 7/8/2010

Crossing the street?


I've not been able to view the world from my perspective on the public square in Shorewood lately and have had the opportunity to view the world on an expanded basis.


Some of my readings have led to broader thoughts. One main question was based on studies being done by astronomers as to life on the earth and on other planets, another, by a niece whose geriatric studies have led her to believe that human beings can not only live to be 120 on a normal basis but could even live forever.


In my mind, this raised the question, what is the purpose of the the human race? Is it merely life span and just living?


If the earth is someday going to become inhospitable to human beings and perhaps all life in the future, with scientists looking for somewhere else for us to go, we might ask the questions, what are we doing here on earth and what is our purpose here or what would it be on another planet?


Some already question our purpose which leads to questioning why we do other things within this overall  perspective of humanity.


How important is “of the people, by the people, for the people?” How important is government? How important is Wall Street and all other institutions? How important is it to live to 120 years if social security runs out and we should retire not at 65 but at 105?


Just think of all the aspirin that is going to be needed.  What will Wall Street make of that?  What about my scotch supply?


With the unemployment rate at what it is, how do we keep people employed and paying social security taxes to 105?


I think I'm going to get back to the public square in Shorewood and continue working on how to get the elderly across the street, especially when it snows.