Crying in His Custard

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Breaking News --- Joe Biden often says things off the cuff ---- Surprise, Surprise!!

Biden’s latest faux pas was when he and Senator Feingold made a PR/Photo-op visit at Kopp’s Custard stand in Glendale.

According to  Amy Hetzner, in her Journal Sentinel article:

When Biden asked how much he owed for the custard, manager Scott Borkin  said to Biden “Don't worry, it's on the house, lower our taxes and we'll call it even."

Nothing too offensive, but not a great show of hospitality to someone famous who comes to your shop and gives you a ton of free publicity.

Later Biden retorted to Borkin "Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time."


 For the Vice President of the United States, probably not the best or  most clever retort, and although Borkin was being a “smartass”,  Biden could have used more judicious language to get his point across.

I do wonder why Biden said “all the time”?  Did he talk with Bordin prior to this exchange?

Of course, once it was in the media, it has gotten tremendous publicity.

Bordin enjoying his 15 minutes of fame told Hetzner that “his phone has been ringing and his Facebook page has filled with comments and Monday morning, he's planning to head to Chicago to appear on the Fox News Network's "Fox & Friends" program.

Biden later whispered to Borkin, "I was just kidding," Borkin said, but the store manager was still surprised by the vice president's reaction.

Bordin seemed to be playing both sides of the issue, with his comments that:

"It was all just in fun," said Borkin, who called himself a Republican. "I was stating just a fact that everyone in America, Republican or Democrat, wants lower taxes."

He also said in contradiction:

"It didn't seem right, especially from someone in his position,"

Borkin also mentioned that “six years ago former Vice President Dick Cheney also visited the custard stand”.

As there are no quotes from that visit, I wonder if  Borkin did not think it appropriate to “tweak” the celebrity guest --- or maybe Cheney’s reputation with a shotgun made him think twice of  dishing over more than just custard.

Most interesting to me of this whole ordeal, is that Borkin  is relishing in the attention of having a political agenda, and using it on a Kopp’s customer, instead of just taking a neutral position like “ very nice man, and really no comment other than that”.

Just the opposite, Borkin  seems to think that keeping this issue alive is somehow going to help Kopp’s, as he is quoted saying:

"We're Kopp's; we're an icon," said Borkin, who started working for the company when he was 14, making malts and shakes. "Famous people have stopped in We're the first place they stop and the last..throughout the years. . place they stop before they leave."

Well --- Maybe not so much in the future!

Politicians and Celebrities may think twice about going to Kopp’s if they think they might get “dissed” ……… and Democrats in the area might not like patronizing a custard stand that has a Republican agenda.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Celebrity visit to a custard stand is at Leon’s or Gillies.  They are ICONS too!






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