The Level of Stupidity in Government

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Peggy West is a big fat idiot. And I say that with the endearment and admiration that Joe Biden often displays. Isn't it great when we can take a phrase from another great Democrat-Al Franken-and paraphrase it into a situation that is relevant today. Only liberals don't like it when you use their own logic against them. I won't spend a lot of time examining the statement that she made, I'll let others do that. But the fact that someone would say it's and believe it at the time it is simply astonishing.

This is clearly indicative of what's wrong with politics today. People are in office-usually liberals and progressives-that are just plain dumb. They take positions and make statements about things that are just plain ignorant and yet they believe they are right. But Arizona law is a perfect example. People don't know what's in it, they just know they're against it. People wouldn't even know that they had laws in Arizona if the left wing media would not come out and say that they are bad laws. Not having read them, people take the position that they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, there are many people like this in America today. I guess that explains why President Obama still has a 45% approval rating.

Vice President Joe Biden is another person like this. He doesn't like to listen to his constituency-the entire United States population-he just likes to cuss them out. What a good example he sets for the children. I didn't even know he was in town. And of course he didn't get any local coverage of his potty mouth examples until it was picked up by the national media. Of course anyone in the Obama administration would certainly like to tell off anyone who believes they should receive lower taxes. After seeing what a waste of money every program by the Obama administration has put through, how can any Americans feel good about paying more?

America today is replete with people who would rather shout you down with their own opinions telling you, you are wrong without even listening to what you have to say. Just ask anyone who uses the word "teabagger." You can bet their mind has shut down the second they open their mouth.

This is America, folks. We are all entitled to our opinions. That doesn't mean we shouldn't listen to an opinion we may not agree with, but we should be able to do it with some civility. And we should still do this while we have some freedoms and some liberties left. This comes from a person who started out calling a county supervisor a big fat idiot. My hypocrisy gives me credibility.

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