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In true progressive form, we can apply a double standard and feel good about it. Because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we have a common hate: BP. And through this common hate, we can publicly extort, shakedown, and make hateful statements about this company and feel good about it. It's practically patriotic.

Even though President Barrack Obama, has claimed responsibility for the cleanup and stopping of the oil spill, it continues. And because President Obama has publicly acknowledged that he cannot do anything about it, the best thing to do is to create a diversion. Even though President Obama has said that he will not rest until every one wants a job will find one, the Gulf of Mexico is cleaned up and restored, (your subject here), etc., President Obama has found time to hold a private concert in the White House, take a vacation to Chicago, play round after round of golf, etc., the mainstream media has absolutely no problem with this. They say Obama need some down time even as president.

But what about the people who are in charge of stopping the leak at the bottom of the ocean? BP CEO Tony Hayward is being publicly criticized for taking a Saturday off to watch a yacht race. Because he is a rich guy and part of an evil private enterprise that practices capitalism, he can practically be spat upon for being out of touch.

The president's speech from office did little or nothing to help the president's agenda will be a part campaign will be the solution to all our problems. As hundreds and thousands of gallons of oil are wasted every day looking to the surface in the Gulf of Mexico, the president is content with playing golf and waiting for BP to eventually stop the gusher on its own by August. Yes, August.

This means four months of crude oil being wasted, four months of the Gulf of Mexico being soiled and no one doing anything about it except pointing fingers and placing blame. Yet, President Obama is happy because the people who are being displaced from their jobs are being compensated by an evil corporation. And their liability is without end. Also good news for the administration is the fact that these people who have been put out of jobs cannot be attributed to the stimulus package and the failure thereof. It's almost like giving Obama $20 billion to spend as he pleases without adding to the deficit. It's the administration's dream. It's almost win-win.

So, we've got about two more months of having this oil spill over well with Gulf of Mexico along with all the people who make a living in the states connected to it. As things become more out of hand, the administration will see this as a green light to pass more of their progressive agenda. So, will not only get higher gas prices, but higher taxes too. Shouldn't we be using this crisis to break our addiction to foreign oil? If we don't go cold turkey, we may not do it ever. Isn't this part of the change we need? Isn't this the change we voted for November 2008? How many more times do we have to hear "Now is the time. Now is our moment. We can't afford not to"? As things become more chaotic, these ideas actually makes sense to the progressives who are spewing them. Do they make sense to you?

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