Progressive Dinner was a great party!

Summer Entertaining, Progressive Dinner Party

The progressive dinner last Saturday night was a lot of fun and I highly recommend this party to all blocks within Whitefish Bay. An advantage of so many houses in one block - instant large party.

So our party had about 24 and some came for appetizers or just dessert which was great. The weather was ok. No rain but chilly. Appetizers at my house. The amount of alcohol was good but would add more beer next time. I served vodka & lemonade too.  We changed the dinner format from my last post - everyone dined together in one backyard. That was my favorite part. It was great to stay together and easier to keep food all in one spot. The food was great and we had just the right amount. No leftovers at all. Margaret Marshall tried a citrus tarragon marinade for the kabobs and it was awesome! She also included small red potatoes on the kabobs and they were really good. Nice way to add starch to the meal. The parmesan rice was well liked (recipe in last post) and easy to bake and serve. On to the Strye's for dessert and cocktails - a great end to a fun evening.

If I could change anything for next time I would:

  • Push the party back one weekend. A lot of conflicts with graduations/sports/etc.
  • Try a new menu. Loved the kabobs but fun to try a different cocktail/dinner theme.
  • Send a Save the Date months in advance.

It was a really fun party and I hope a new annual event for our block. If your block has a great party idea, Please share!


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