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The science and technology for improving the tax base by subsidizing any type of commercial on Oakland and Capitol in Shorewood, on Silver Spring in Whitefish Bay or in other suburb in the Milwaukee metropolitan area is as about as well developed as that for stopping the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico and that of cleaning up the of oil out of the water.


There is little or no evidence on which to base the success or failure of these type of commercial rehabilitation projects in our suburbs. But it beats not drilling and not subsidizing. So let's keep drilling, I mean subsidizing to satisfy those who believe in intuition and let's not listen to the “doubting Thomases.”


Everyone knows that any kind of development is good for that tax base in the long run, or does anyone really know that?


(See related comments:  From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  --  "Shorewood OKs grants for retail redevelopment.")

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