Crisis Mismanagement

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We are closing in on the second month of having crude oil gush from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. This is then called the worst oil spill in American history. It is also working towards another worst-worst managed crisis in American history.

BP is being blamed for the entire spill. I'm certainly not here to defend them because I do not have a stake in the outcome. However, the way the Obama administration is handling this crisis is equally shameful. In every rate of history, resident Obama claims that he has been on the scene since day one. Looking at the results, the statement could almost be true. Every success failed, every idea has been wrong. And if President Obama believes that government is the answer to this problem, well then let's hold him accountable too.

When the well will set up for drilling, BP had to have their plans approved by the federal government. That would've been under this administration. Obama's person in the MMS, was also a BP insider. When plans needed to be changed, they were approved in five minutes. But you won't hear this from the mainstream media. With the mainstream media does ask is: is the Obama administration doing enough to hold BP accountable? Well, what NBC should have asked is is the Obama administration doing enough? The answer is clearly no.

What we are slowly finding out is that other nations have offered their help with providing ships that would skim the oil out of the gulf yet the president has turned them away. He is not even talked to the CEO of BP. Whatever happened to the guy who was going to bring people together? People of differing points of view? He wants to talk to the leader of Iran without preconditions, yet does not have the stones to talk to a CEO in Great Britain-our greatest ally.

Obama's reason for not talking to the BP CEO is that he will tell him only the things he wants to hear. Obama wants action not just words. Doesn't that seem just a little ironic? Obama's actions to date only include making a few photo ops in Louisiana and a couple of television interviews. Sounds like word action to me. The only thing the Obama administration has done was bully BP.

Also on the agenda for the Obama administration is to use this crisis is a tool to pass a climate change bill. In an effort not to waste a crisis, Obama is going to place a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf for six months. What better way to drive up the price of gasoline? What better way to increase our dependency on foreign oil? But yet Obama believes that we can get off oil in a short period of time. If not now, when? Although global warming enthusiasts are certainly, applaud this move will matter how stupid it is. But if people don't want to use oil, why don't they stop, themselves? They only want you to stop using oil. They think they're doing their part by not having their furnace on in July. Boy, that's really helping the globe hold down.

Anyone with common sense was that our economy is still too shaky to digest a huge tax increase. It is still shaky because of the policies of the Obama administration. Blaming George Bush is not leading us to recovery. It is not creating jobs. Whatever happened to that promise of January? That jobs was going to be the number one priority in 2010. Well, nobody anticipated a huge oil spill at the magnitude what we are experiencing. Nobody including BP, nobody including the Obama administration, because neither of them seem to be able to make any progress. They're trying everything except cooperation.

Hundreds of Americans have made suggestions on what needs to be done to stop the oil. But, we're not Harvard graduates so were too stupid to know about anything that may work. Were too stupid to think that an alliance of other oil companies in the Gulf area could lend their ideas and maybe some resources to help stop the oil flow. But, because no one in the administration has any business sense, they believe that anybody in a different company simply loads the competition. They would rather see the competition drop dead and not somehow. But, were all in this together. We are all going to suffer from the damage done to the golf and the increase in energy prices. Not to mention the increase in taxes being proposed as a result of this disaster and the increase in food prices.

There is also an abundance of places that you can go to to donate money to help out. Well, if you want to help out by making sure the costs do not get shifted to the taxpayer, try going to BP for a tank of gas. As long as BP has cash flow, they will be able to pay for the damage they have caused. The price of gas is still competitive with the other oil companies across the street and you get a tank of gas as part of the deal. Bankrupting the oil company will not solve this problem. And as we have seen, keeping your boot on the throat will not solve the problem, and being bullheaded by not speaking to all parties involved is not going to solve this problem. If Obama is so smart, why is it taking so long to make progress?

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