Progressive Dinner Party Planning

Summer Entertaining, Progressive Dinner Party

Our neighborhhod progressive dinner is Saturday night. Weather forecast calls for scattered showers so hoping we stay dry. We have about 28 people coming for the evening - if the Whitefish Bay Girls Soccer team is playing Saturday night we will lose a few guests during game time. Go Blue Duke Girls!  The plans are coming together for a fun party!

I like to coordinate the party decorations with the invitation so have been on the hunt for lanterns. I will decorate the patio with tiki torches and candles too. We are hosting the appetizer portion so will coordinate napkins/plates too. The signature cocktail will be a margarita. We can make pitchers of the mixture before the party. The menu has been divided and each couple will bring a food item and a bottle of wine/beer.  Here is how I divided the menu:

Approx. 22 people will attend the dinner portion.

Cocktail - Margaritas, beer, wine
2 Appetizers
3 Salads
3 Parmesan Rice
3 bringing 12 kabobs each (found recipes for marinade on
3 Desserts
5 bottles of red wine
4 bottle of white wine
2 cases of beer

I am a little concerned we may not have enough alcohol - we'll see how much this crowd likes to party!

decor - check
menu -- check
Now we just have to pray for nice weather!


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