ATWATER PARK -- Why a fence? Why its removal?

Bench access. Private property rights.



A fence on the north line of Atwater Park at the beach level which has been there for many years has been removed.


It seems that it was put up in the first place to separate the public park from the private property to the north. This has served to fairly well limit access to private properties from the park over the years.


The neighbors have now been experiencing more activity at the beach level on their property than before the fence removal. The fence removal was a conscious action. The reason for removal has not be publicized and these citizens have been emphatically informed that the fence will not be replaced.


There must have been some logic in putting the fence there in the first place. What was that? There must be some logic in its removal now, what is that?  What is the basis for the change in logic and for this action?  Who actually made the decision?


Let's hope that reason will prevail at the coming meeting before the Village Board and that the citizens will not be given a lot of political double talk.  Board members have pletny of time to get the facts and should be prepared to give straight answers to these questions.


It would seem that a fence here would tend to limit access to the properties of the neighbors and makes sense at least from a security standpoint.   Who will police the beach front?

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