Corporation Capitalism. The economic system.


As I see it from village square.


Corporation Capitalism's function is to generate the greatest profit ratio in relation to investment.


Nothing else has as great a significance in its operation. Therefore all efforts in the system of Corporation Capitalism are aimed at maintaining a large ratio or at expanding that ratio at a highly accelerated rate.


This ratio and the manner of its increase adds to the value of ownership and the shares in the corporation. If some of these corporations must provide products or services to develop a profit, they may actually do so. New products as well as new forms of services are presented on the media all the time.


The “corporation” has become a legal and economic apparition, a make-believe being with the rights of human beings and some additional rights of its own.  It is treated as though it functions as a totally natural organism, as a human being.


Managerial members of corporations may in future be permitted to vote in public elections representing the corporation's right to vote, although they do not have to do that to maintain their influence over government.  Their power gives them a pretty good hold.


Some human beings can within the corporation's power engine find their way through its processes and within its function and become rich within the process. Others may merely suffer the negative  impact of the economic fall out resulting from their drive for wealth.


The rights once of individuals have become the super rights of corporations who can with these rights and the economic power overwhelm individual citizens and government so that constitutional rights are more those of the corporation than those of individuals, of the states and other local governments. They also have the power to influence through public relations and other means even beyond lobbying.   


Corporations have learned how to buy or to pay off members of the national government to attain their ways. So that if they do not already own certain privileges that they want, they can become easily attained.


This is not the private enterprise economy that Adam Smith attempted to describe about the time that our constitution was developing in the minds of our forefathers.


Businesses then, tended to be small and personal and generally operated with the pride of providing a good product or service.


Although this was not always the case then, corporations seldom operate with that as their primary purpose or objective today.

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