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With the Senate race here in Wisconsin, there really is no need to take an interest in a Senate race in Pennsylvania. There's not much excitement going on with the race here, so why is Pennsylvania important?

Senator Arlen Specter, one-time Democrat, longtime Republican, and newly converted Democrat again, changed parties to save one job-his. Well, it didn't work. Specter was in the Senate for about 30 years, and in the Senate, seniority is everything. Specter could bring home the bacon for Pennsylvania, so keeping him in the Senate would have been in the best interest for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Here in Wisconsin, it doesn't matter because no senator brings home anything. But that's another story.

The Obama administration was standing behind Arlen Specter is a good loyal party man, just as George Bush had done in his term. If the stronger candidate, Joe Sestak, was challenging Specter for the Democrat nomination. As we know, Sestak won.

During the campaign, Joe Sestak claimed that someone from the Obama White House had offered him a job in the administration if he were to drop out of the Senate race and not challenge Specter. Well, Sestak declined the job offer and continued his campaign. When asked about the job offer, Sestak said that there was one. He did not divulge any other details. So was there more to the story? There had to be.

Well now, it seems like the White House and Joe Sestak have gotten together and got their stories straight. They are both telling the same 'facts.'The Obama administration had brought in President Clinton to make the job offer. And the job was an appointment on a nonpaying advisory board.

Being a skeptic, I have a hard time believing that this was all that had taken place. If this job offer had taken place, why was Bill Clinton brought into the mix? Bill Clinton, although his wife is Secretary of State, is not really a big fan of the Obama administration. And this job-a nonpaying advisory board? It sounds like a diversion to keep the media from investigating what really had occurred. Is this all there is to it? It sounds to me like everybody got together just to get their lies straight. Wouldn't this be ironic if this turns out to be like Watergate where the cover-up turns out to be worse than the actual crimes committed?

Again let's ask the question, does this really matter? Is it just politics as usual? Does the White House have credibility problems? The short answer is-yes to all. It matters because we were sold on the promise that we would not have politics as usual by a transparent, open and honest administration that has not delivered on those promises. Promises made do not guarantee a delivery.

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