Memorial Day is Not a Celebration of War

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This Memorial Day Weekend will consist of many parades and flag waving throughout our Country. 

I have also put up the American Flag, as a Symbol of Honoring Those who have Suffered Through War --- not as a Sign of Nationalism or to Glorify War, but as a Sign of Remembrance and Respect to Those Who Suffered for the Good they Believed In.

Virtually every Veteran I have known who served in War, has said We Must Remember that War is all about Suffering, Death and Destruction. 

A True Soldier does not look forward to Battle --- A True Soldier does His or Her Job, in Hope of Ending the Need for Future Battles.

Like Them We should Remember that War is Never Good --- while We Regretfully Recognize that War is sometimes Necessary.

Included in our Remembrance and Respect to Those Who have Fallen and Suffered, we must Never Forget the Civilians --- Men, Women and Children --- the Casualties of War are not just the Fallen Soldiers, for in virtually every War, there are far more Casualties among Those Who Do Not Bear Arms.

We must Not Only Remember Those Buried in the National Cemeteries with Honors --- but Also Those Countless and Nameless Who are Buried in Mass Graves --- Forgotten.

Let us Not Forget the Lessons of Wars of the Past and Present during the other 364 days of the year.  History Repeats Itself, Only Because We Too Often Choose Not to Remember the Lessons That So Many Gave Their Lives and Souls For.


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